Raaz Colombia Decaf.

Raaz Colombia Decaf.

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Jinotega, Nicaragua

Jinotega, Nicaragua

Raaz Colombia Decaf.


Tasting Notes :

Sweet & Fruity, Brown Sugar & Green Apple

Full Mouth Body

Medium Crema

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Taste is a big difference when it comes to light and dark roast coffees. Light roast is known for a much sweeter, tangy taste with a strong scent. With the right dark roast, beans will have less complexity but can develop rich taste profiles. Dark roasts are often bold and rich, full of body and texture.

Different brewing methods require specific grind sizes. A coarse grind is best suited for a French Press whereas a medium-fine grind works well for pour over coffee.

At Raaz we give you the choice to enjoy your coffee ritual as you like it.

Unveil the secret to freshly roasted coffee!

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